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Pendant "partner set" based on photo templates LARGE

These unique pendants are a perfect way to show your love or friendship. 

They are the perfect piece of jewelry to bring to your loved one  to let you know that you are a very special one  Have a piece of you with you, no matter where you are.


And unlike the "normal"  Followers based on a photo template , this is  significantly larger. This allows details to be found here  (such as piercings, tattoos, wrinkles, hair etc.)  work out much better.


The following combinations are possible :

- penis & vagina

- penis & penis

- vagina & vagina


Please select the suspension and setting for both pendants, if you  want different suspensions and / or sockets, then share  this please in the  e-mail  with the photo templates.


(Here are a few sample pictures)


You can find out what the photo templates should look like  HERE

Pendant "partner set" based on photo templates LARGE

  • How to place an individual order :


    1. Select product
    2. Put the product in the shopping cart
    3. Complete the order process
    4. After completing the order process, send an email with the photo templates to:  (please include your name or order number in the email)
  • 100 % Handarbeit!

    Material: Polymer Clay

    Größe: ca. 2,5 cm - 3,5 cm

    Anfertigungszeit: ca. 4 - 8 Wochen (nach Geldeingang)

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