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our history

Summer 2014 was the year in which the creators of MuschMusch met and fell in love. Years of excess and passion have shown that the two are simply meant to be each other. Both in private,  as well as in business, they repeatedly demonstrate creativity and solidarity!  They hit the nerve of the times, they talk about things that are completely normal, they show what can be said and achieved with art.

In 2015 you already knew where to go, but it should remain hidden. Nancy lived out her creative streak and perfected it more and more. She started drawing for herself, continued with handicrafts, then sewing and modeling with polymer clay.

In 2016, Carl went a completely different path and had to bow to the typical path of society. Which wasn't bad, because the love for art and his wife just got stronger and in 2017 it finally got serious. The business was born, but MuschMusch still had to wait. It wasn't there yet.

In 2018 the time had finally come, MuschMusch was officially founded. But how the hell do you get that shit ?! Seriously, Nancy and Carl ask themselves that, but it is their passion to suggest to people that something beautiful can be hanging around the partner's penis or vagina. Maybe you want to tell you through the flower “An asshole rarely comes alone!” Others just like beautiful breasts.

Everyone should know that a healthy sense of humor and a healthy dose of irony are needed to understand them a little better.


Charm, humor and something direct, that's what makes Carl what it is. He stands for what is important to him. He stands up for others who are not treated fairly. This is exactly what runs through his entire life. “Each of us carries a package with us” is his motto. He loves contact with other people and is not shy about saying clearly and directly what is going on.



All your life driven by art, by the sense of passion for the extrovert. A bird of paradise is most likely to hit it. Nancy has loved drawing since she was a child and doing handicrafts was exactly what she always wanted to do. She quickly noticed that she wanted to be her own "master" and that she wanted to do what she enjoyed. Quiet, but still knowing exactly what she wants, that's Nancy.


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